User-generated content isn't new. It is a tactic used on social media to encourage users to create content for brands.

Lately, a new type of social media content has been popping up more and more: Employee-Generated Content

Before anyone in your office with a half-decent phone camera hits the recording button, you might want to make sure that this brand of content is really for you. 

media update's Alrika Möller debates the new social media trend: Is it for everyone? 

What is Employee-Generated Content (EGC)? 

These videos include anything from cheeky office humour to even employee OOTDs — outfit of the day videos — and so much more.

It's literally all over TikTok at this point. 


What Are the Benefits of Employee-Generated Content? 

People are over perfectly curated posts where everything is super professional. They want to see the human aspect of a brand

EGC provides users with actual people with whom they can connect and relate. This will ultimately make them connect with the brand itself. 

It also helps if people like your brand vibe and you go viral on TikTok — just saying


Is Employee-Generated Content Going to Work for Every Brand? 

To know if EGC will work for you, there are a few things to consider.

Who is your target? An 'older' audience might not spend time on TikTok and Reels, making the posts obsolete

EGC requires a team with the right personalities and set-up to appear in the videos.

What type of EGC do you want to create? A small fashion brand may benefit from OOTDs, but for a major insurance company, it may seem odd.    

If your brand is not ticking all the necessary boxes, EGC might not be right for your brand. It could do some damage and feel awkward. It might not be for everyone


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