There is no shame in liking something that is pretty or that matches your vibe

We all do it. 

That is why most of the creators or brands that are popular on social media have very specific and distinct aesthetics. They carry the look and feel through all their pages on the various platforms, and we love it every time. 

So, logic dictates: If you want to be a social media success or at least grow your following and engagement, you need to master social media aesthetics

Before you can master anything, you need to understand it. Ironically enough, figuring out the rules of aesthetics on social media can be rather unappealing.

Relax! Pour yourself an aesthetically pleasing drink, and sit back because media update's Alrika Möller will help you create the perfect aesthetic. 




Have you found your social media aesthetic? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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*Image courtesy of Canva 

**Sources used include Adobe, Planable and Social Marketing Writing