Launched in 2022, this programme represents STANLIB's commitment to empowering the youth of the Northern Cape with vital digital marketing skills, says Digify Africa. It is specifically aimed at individuals between 18-35 who hope to launch their own digital ventures, whether as freelancers or small businesses. 

The programme, which will span 17 weeks, offers comprehensive training at absolutely no cost to participants, ensuring it is accessible to all aspiring digital marketers in the region, adds Digify Africa. 

Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • 'Digital Marketing Fundamentals & Introduction to Social Media Digital Strategy'
  • 'Content Marketing'
  • 'Introduction to Paid Advertising and Data-led Decision-Making'
  • 'Introduction to eCommerce and Website Content Management Systems'
  • 'Craft your career'
  • 'Paid Advertising', and 
  • 'Google Ads and Analytics Certification and Content Marketing Certification'.

"Digify GPs stands as a beacon of hope for the Northern Cape youth; together with STANLIB and Elixirr, we offer a platform that aims to increase the employability of candidates and help them to start their own businesses. By fostering skills development and promoting digital literacy, Digify GPs seeks to empower young individuals to seize opportunities and drive innovation in the digital sphere," says Digify Africa COO Qhakaza Mohare.  

"STANLIB is proud to partner with Digify Africa again to empower young people with digital skills," says Derrick Msibi, STANLIB CEO. "As the primary funder, we want to bring hope to young people by empowering them to participate in the economy and not be left behind in this fast-changing digital world. Our mission is to equip the youth with skills that afford them opportunities."

According to Digify Africa, through its partnership with Elixirr, Digify GPs aims to create an immersive post-programme support training initiative. With Elixirr's support, these initiatives are designed to empower participants with the skills they need to thrive in the workforce or even launch their own business. 

Through mentorship, networking with local businesses and career development resources, the post-programme support training initiatives help graduates ready themselves for the digital economy and become a driving force for Kimberley's ever-growing business landscape.

"Our core mission at the Elixirr Foundation is to empower communities through education, technology and entrepreneurship. The Digify GPs programme perfectly embodies these pillars by equipping young people with the digital skills they need to thrive personally and professionally, says Kwanda Ndaba, member of the Elixirr Foundation. 

Ndaba adds, "By fostering both technical knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, this initiative has the potential to unlock innovation and economic opportunity. We're thrilled to be a part of this impactful programme." 

Mohare concludes, "Digify Africa and partners, through Digify GPs, reaffirms our commitment to create an inclusive environment, with opportunities for the youth, paving the way for a more prosperous and digitally-enabled society."

This is an opportunity for the youth in the Northern Cape to upskill by applying to be part of the Digify GPs programme so that they can participate in the gig economy, Digify Africa concludes.

Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the Diggify Africa website and @DigifyAfrica on social media.

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