Just like that, it's 2022! And although most of us are still reeling from 2020, this year has a lot in store for the PR industry. Which means, dear PR pro, that it's time to break new ground and set some resolutions.

But if you're struggling to establish some goals for 2022 or you've already used the "I'll start tomorrow" excuse, don't sweat it! We're here to help! Because, like Taylor Swift, we're "feeling '22!" And media update's Lara Smit is helping you ring in the new year with these three New Year's resolutions!

1. Be more flexible

PR pros are often taught to address their tasks in a linear fashion. And, according to Forbes, this results in them being inflexible because of how dedicated they are to the step-by-step plans that they set out for themselves. However, the world of PR is becoming more unpredictable by the day. Therefore, you must definitely consider making one of your top New Year's resolutions to be more flexible in your industry!

With the ever-changing media climate, PR pros are required to face many challenges. For example, Muck Rack discusses how the popularity of social media as a news and information source has completely accelerated the news cycle. What does this mean for PRs?

It is difficult for PR pros to keep up with the ebbs and flows of the media when stories lose their relevance faster than the time it takes to create and publish them. Moreso, one story — no matter how excellent it is — can be replaced with an even juicier story within a matter of minutes! 

Therefore, PR pros need to be agile and adaptive to the different channels of social media used by their target audiences. This ensures that they receive the latest news about your brand when it's still hot off the digital press!

But the unpredictability of PR doesn't just rest with the news climate. As a PR professional, one minute you may think you have everything planned to the tee, but then a crisis comes along that requires your attention.

When you are faced with a crisis, there is often very little time to follow a step-by-step solution process. The calamity must be addressed immediately in order to contain the situation as much as possible. 

Regardless of the unpredictability of a crisis, the PR pro's decisions and actions must still be calculated and informed. Therefore, they have to be flexible in stressful situations and prepared to adjust their plans when necessary. 

2. Build better relationships

In the PR industry, it's all about who you know. To do their work as efficiently as possible, PR pros must build a sufficient network of people that they can tap into when necessary.

PR professionals should focus on building strong relationships with: 
  • journalists
  • other PR pros, and
  • clients.

PRs are always told that the media is their biggest ally. Why? Having the press on your side gives the brand that you are promoting a third-party stamp of approval. 

As the media has no affiliation with the brand, it makes their products seem noteworthy, or in literal terms, newsworthy. Furthermore, the media offers a public platform from which you can communicate a brand's story to a wide audience. This allows PR pros to increase a brand’s awareness through a channel that consumers already trust. 

In order to develop good relationships with journalists, PR professionals must ensure that they find the right journalist to pitch their story to. Therefore, the story you pitch must be relevant to their beat and, subsequently, their readers. In fact, pitching a story that is irrelevant to a journalist's niche could completely ruin any relationship prospects you may have with them. 

Other PR pros

Although the PR industry is highly competitive, relationships between PR practitioners could be mutually beneficial. Why? Each PR pro experiences the industry in different ways. Therefore, there is a lot that PRs can learn from one another. 

Furthermore, PRs can benefit from such a relationship because it allows them to stay in the loop when it comes to the latest events, opportunities and innovations in their field. This way, they can also stay on top of trends and get inspiration from others in their industry. 


By developing relationships with their clients, PRs are able to gain their trust and respect. This is advantageous for them because their clients will keep coming back whenever they require PR-related assistance. But how can a PR pro develop strong work relationships with their clients? It all comes down to communication

PR practitioners must always keep the lines of communication between their clients and themselves open. This means giving clients honest feedback on the development and execution of campaigns. Not only does this provide the clients with reassurance, but it also shows how dedicated the PR is to the success and the needs of their clients. 

3. Seize more opportunities

The difference between being a good PR practitioner and a great one often depends on who is bold enough to seize opportunities when they present themselves — even when they seem risky or difficult to execute. 

Why? Well, by taking new opportunities PR pros are able to find exciting and creative ways to tell a brand's story. This makes them the innovative leaders of their industry and places the brands they work for ahead of the curve. 

Looking for new opportunities, however, is no easy feat. It often means doing your research by keeping an eye on trends and finding ways to effectively incorporate them into your strategy. 

PRs must also stay clued up on the ins and outs of their client's industries to understand who their target audience is. This is so that they can find new ways to appeal to them. This also often means that they must monitor the success of their campaigns to understand which risks pay off and which opportunities to look out for in the future. 

PR pros must definitely make one of their 2022 New Year's resolutions to seize more opportunities. This is because this year seems to hold a lot of promise in presenting professionals with new possibilities for success. 

As in-person events make a steady comeback this year. PRs will be given more chances to network and speak to audiences in a targeted industry. 

Moreover, as we navigate deeper into the virtual plains of the metaverse, PR practitioners will have the opportunity to reach more people online. This means that they will have a wider reach than ever before, as well as faster coverage. This also means that more PR pros will have to climb aboard the influencer train to communicate brand stories across various digital platforms. 

Who knows what other potential 2022 might hold for PR pros? The important thing really, is that when an opportunity presents itself, you must seize it!

What other resolutions do you think PRs should make for 2022? Let us know in the comments

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