Molekoa's session is titled, 'What Can We Do To Accelerate Pace Of Change?'

The session will interrogate gender balance in PR and explore what can be done to encourage more women to take on leadership roles in the PR industry. This is to ensure a more balanced and profitable industry.

Molekoa, alongside industry leaders from diverse sectors, will dive into how the PR industry is changing and how it must ensure that it retains and develops its credibility. This is through how the industry is using innovative and forward-thinking strategies and ideas, and by challenging the current unfavourable conceptions of the industry.

"As communicators, I believe we have a duty to remain vigilant against gender imbalance and continue to push for a culture of positive change. There is a fine line between what is considered acceptable and what is right and with the rapidly evolving landscape; the lines have never been so blurred," says Molekoa.

"It is our job to hold ourselves accountable — while remaining ethical and honest in the way we conduct our business," adds Molekoa. 

Molekoa is also a director at BlackHouse Mediaand has over 19 years of experience in the communications industry, having worked across the spectrum of PR for both public and private sector clients across eighteen countries on the African continent.

The ICCO Global Summit has for over 20 years served as an essential event for practitioners with an international remit to exchange views, gain new perspectives and develop fresh ideas on the future of the global PR and communications industry.

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