The aim of freebies is to be seen as often as possible, and for that to happen, the branded merchandise needs to be used as much as possible. 

A highly visible brand fosters familiarity with its consumers. This helps consumers picture the brand in their daily lives, subsequently encouraging them to actually use it.

Listen up! media update's Jóreke Kleynhans explains how freebie marketing can be done effectively.

Choose relevant merchandise

Freebies that are unrelated to the product or service that your brand offers might be useful but won't direct consumers back to your brand. Offering once-off value you cannot provide again will take a toll on your marketing budget because it does not generate any long-term ROI. 

What you need is a freebie that directly correlates to the value your brand can offer. An accounting firm is much better off handing out mugs or mini calculators — in other words, something used in an office — than branded hats. We all know finance people don't go outside anyway!

Keep things practical

A product that can be used is much more effective than something that is impractical. This is because consumers who use it often will begin to see it — and your brand — as part of their everyday lives.

Additionally, the consumer will see your brand as a provider of value, and every person sporting merchandise from your brand becomes an unofficial ambassador!

Less is more with branding

There are vast amounts of clever and affordable products available to consumers. This means that even something small like aggressive branding can put consumers off from using it. 

A freebie with subtle yet clear branding is more likely to be used. The key is to have enough branding to be noticeable but done in a way that doesn't make the consumer feel like a walking ad.

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