"What is craft? It means something completely different to every creative, whether they're a designer, filmmaker or a type specialist. But what they all have in common is passion," says Lefebure.

That's something tangible that you want to feel when you witness a great piece of art or hear a piece of incredible music for the first time. Not only can you appreciate the creativity and the vision, but you can also see the careful execution in every tiny facet of the work," Lefebure adds. 

"We always hear that design is in the details, but that isn't true — design is the detail. It's what makes good design great. It is all the more important as many artists now live in a world where AI can do almost anything a human can do. But craft? That's the human element it cannot grasp," Lefebure says. 

"For those reasons, I am incredibly excited to be the president of the Craft jury for the 2024 Golden Drum Awards, and I cannot wait to see the passion of these many fine artists," concludes Lefebure. 

According to Golden Drum, joining Lefebure in evaluating the works will be the esteemed jury members:  
  • Khatia Arveladze, art director and head of design, Saatchi & Saatchi Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Veta Chatziioannou, founder and executive producer, Picky Productions, Greece
  • Andrei Cohn, creative partner, Cohn & Jansen creative network, Romania
  • Jure Korenc, creative director, Agencija 101, Slovenia
  • Patrik Partl, owner and creative director, Brokkoli Advertising, Austria
  • Costanza Rossi, global craft partner, Grey Group, United Kingdom
  • Maija Rozenfelde, chief of design and partner, KID Design Riga, associate professor, head of graphic design department, Art Academy of Latvia, Latvia, and 
  • Andrey Tyukavkin, global executive creative director, LePub and chief innovation and experience officer, Publicis Groupe CEE, Italy.

The Craft Drum section

The Craft section recognises creative excellence and brilliant execution in certain key segments of the advertising and communication production process, says Golden Drum. Awards in this group promote best practices that have helped raise the bar of the industry's craft standards.

This section has four groups with multiple categories:
  • Industry Craft
  • Motion Craft
  • Digital Craft, and
  • Innovation Craft.
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*Image courtesy of Facebook