"The campaign truly is about the resilience of this industry," says Loeries CEO Preetesh Sewraj.

"Be it at the brand, agency or production sides, the challenge of creating great work that resonates with consumers has never been tougher but also never been filled with such a feeling of achievement. This is why this campaign is so needed in this time," adds Sewraj. 
The campaign is rooted in the passion that exists at various levels in the ideation and creation of work that truly embodies creative excellence, says the Loeries. The multitude of challenges range from just finding the right idea to spiraling costs and the challenges of needing to execute in a time-sensitive environment.

Utilising these insights, The Odd Number crafted a campaign that not only acknowledges the numerous tough moments for every person involved in creating great work, but also in lauding the reality of the immense passion that exists and is ultimately utilised in delivering work that is worthy of a Loerie Award.

"When one looks at our industry from the outside in, it's easy to assume that what we do takes little effort. They see the work, enjoy its playfulness and think that in order to get there, there was no effort applied. In reality, what we do is tough," says The Odd Number's Neema Nouse. 

Nouse adds, "So truth inspired this idea. We wanted to acknowledge the fighter spirit it takes to do what we do every day and celebrate the fact that the Loeries provide a platform where we're able to prove just how tough we are."

The campaign manifesto includes a poetic reflection of the realities of the industry, as highlighted in this excerpt:
"Advertising is tough for art directors who have to deal with texts from their copywriters who crack an idea at 23:30 and then come to hate the exact same idea at 11:30 the next morning.

It's tough for brands who must find extra budget in a year when the company made a loss.

It's tough for DTP who has to wait hours for the creative to send open files."
It continues with a positive note on this effort:

"And that's why we look forward to the Loerie Awards. Because they acknowledge the fact that making excellent work is tough.

And every year, the awards remind us and celebrate the plain fact that: This is tough. But hey, so are you."
According to the Loeries, the campaign is now live across the Loeries website and social media pages. Loeries entries are open, and the early bird deadline is Friday, 3 May. 

For more information, visit www.loeries.com. You can also follow the Loeries on Facebook, LinkedIn, X or Instagram

*Image courtesy of Facebook