With the marketing industry being such an everlasting thing, a lot of people decide to get a marketing degree or complete a marketing course

It is a smart choice to make, but it also means that you and everyone else who studied with you will be searching for marketing jobs on every job website out there. 

There is a lot to say about setting yourself apart from the rest, but just in case, we compiled a list of marketing jobs that you and your study buddies probably didn't know about. 

Some of these can build a successful career, while others can be a great stepping stone to get you into the industry where you will obviously thrive

Alrika Möller from media update shines a light on a few marketing jobs you should consider. 


Creating a successful marketing career can sometimes be harder than we want it to be. Let us know where we can help you in the comment section below. 
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*Image courtesy of Canva 
**Sources used include Oxbridge Academy, Forbes and Indeed