Mulholland infused the AMASA crowd with his unique blend of quirky humour, energy and profound insights into why and what is required from leadership in the ever-evolving media landscape, according to AMASA. 

"From the get-go, Mulholland challenged us to confront uncomfortable truths. He emphasised the need to reflect on the problems we're solving and embrace change in an ever-evolving world," the organisation says.

"Drawing inspiration from his experiences, Mulholland compared our journey to evolving times, urging us to be brave and brutally honest, to burn what no longer works and to rise from the ashes with innovative solutions," AMASA adds. 

AMASA says Mulholland reminded attendees that CDs max out at 10-12 songs due to historical roots in LPs and gramophones. Innovation kicked in with singles, brave enough to break the old mould. His comical story of BlackBerry's rise and fall illustrated the importance of correctly defining the actual problems being solved and being aware of when they change. 

While the once-mighty BlackBerry believed it was solving a hardware problem, WhatsApp's Brian Acton correctly identified the need, birthing the most widely-used global mobile messenger app.

"So, we need to be adaptable and relevant in the media businesses — embrace change, innovate or risk becoming obsolete in the ever-shifting marketplace," says AMASA. 

According to AMASA, the audience (a vibrant mix of seasoned professionals committed to the industry and eager young minds brave enough to break moulds) enthusiastically joined the conversation. Some spontaneously shared their personal stories of how AMASA transformed their career trajectory. Others emphasised that networking and education remain our call to duty, but how we meet these needs is evolving.

"We critically reflected on the changed role of AMASA as a professional body in a global media world," AMASA adds. 

The positive outcome of this collaborative brainstorm between Mulholland and the audience resulted in a wealth of innovative solutions for the industry, surpassing the typical output of most paid focus groups, says the organisation.

AMASA adds that it introspected its evolved role in a global context, agreeing that while knowledge and entertainment are readily available, the essence lies in AMASA providing a platform for fresh ideas from open young minds and invaluable mentorship experiences.

According to the organisation, AMASA's relaunch was not just a spark but a blazing ignition.

"As we rise from the ashes, our gaze is fixed on the horizon, anticipating new flames of innovation and industry excellence," AMASA says. 

"In conclusion, as we embark on the exciting journey that 2024 holds for the advertising media industry, we extend a compelling invitation to all professionals in the media and advertising space to join AMASA," adds AMASA.

By becoming a member, you not only unlock a treasure trove of benefits that will elevate your business and career but also contribute to a positive transformation within the industry, the organisation says. 

AMASA concludes, "As you contemplate the legacy you're leaving behind, consider the impact you can make by being an integral part of AMASA — a community dedicated to driving excellence and innovation through education. Embrace the opportunities that membership brings and be a catalyst for positive change. Sign up now and be a force shaping the future of advertising media."

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