The awards say that individuals can compete for 15 awards. Among them in 2022, for the first time, will be the Production Agency of the Year Award and Digital Agency of the Year Award.

The Golden Drum says that individuals need to be ambitious and take advantage of the 'More is more offer', which is on every 10 entries,as it awards you with one free entry.

The event says that it has enabled individuals 10 additional days to join the Golden Drum competition in diverse sections:
The works that will convince the 55 jurors to the Grand Prix level, will be directly — and free of charge — entered into the competition of The Immortal Awards by LBB.

Slovenian Tourist Board and Golden Drum says that it has extended the invitation for Drummers under 30 to participate in the annual Young Drummers Competition by Monday, 22 August.

According to the Golden Drum, individuals have 18 additional days to come up with the most creative poster or video on the topic "Hey you, become the future of tourism!" to win a 1 000 EUR prize and a free pass to attend the 2022 Golden Drum Festival.

This will also give individuals an opportunity to showcase their potential in front of world-renowned professionals.

The Golden Drum programme, awards show and party are available from 190 Euros plus VAT. Individuals can check out the Entry Handbook for all information.

Additionally, individuals can contact the competition team at

For more information, visit You can also follow the Golden Drum on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.