Brands like to use the term marketing strategy as if it’s something they can buy at Spar. What they don’t realise is that the way they market has evolved drastically. This is from putting your brand out there and making it look good to actually getting your hands dirty and showing consumers why your brand is successful — yes, not just showing but doing!

As a marketer, you know that your consumer is not gullible. If your brand is not producing quality content that can benefit your followers, sorry to say, but they will kick you to the curb.

So in plain English, marketing is no longer just a nice to have advert in a magazine or a "like our page” button on social media.

No, marketing has shifted into a realm called content marketing where brands need to generate relevant, industry-related and quality content that can be used to fulfil a user's intellectual needs.
We live in a world where everything seems to be digital and news is consumed faster and more efficiently, leaving society hungry for more content. So just imagine if your content does not stimulate your audience? Uh no!

Still, marketers need to realise that content marketing is not dependent on a specific industry or offering — no, if your content is good, you can sell ice to an Eskimo! 

Being in the marketing industry, you need to identify areas where your consumers require more information, education or inspiration from your brand. 

You can achieve this by creating thought-leadership pieces, designing blogs or producing informative social media content that relates to your brand but, at the same time, stimulates the interest of a consumer.

So yes, the more original content you create around your brand, the more interest you'll spark.

Forget about the billboards and rather get your recipe for success from media update's Jana van der Westhuizen who'll show you the benefits of having a flop-proof content marketing strategy.

Ready? Here is our five-step recipe for why you need content marketing: 

1. Digital marketing = content

If you are not making use of digital platforms to increase brand visibility, then now is the time! When you plan your digital marketing strategy — be it blogs, social media platforms or video content — what is the one thing that you need? Content, of course!

And not just any content, content that connects all your digital platforms to one theme. This is effective so that when users visit or view your content, your ideas are streamlined and the quality of what you are trying to convey is clear on all platforms. The more content you generate, the faster you can expand your digital sphere!

2. Content gets you noticed

A brand without content is like a zebra without stripes … it's just a donkey! When you want to create brand awareness, your content is the main feature. Yes, visual elements are also important, but it all comes down to what your brand is saying and what your brand is giving.

The more relevant content your brand generates, the more organic awareness it will create within your industry. This is because you not only stimulate your audience's need for information, but you also market your brand in such a way that consumers feel they cannot live without your knowledge and input. Smart move!

So, create content that is relatable to your audience and industry and market it hard!

3. Content creates leads

Don't be shy — we all know that the main aim of your business is to get more consumers so that your sales or services can be promoted. What if I tell you that having the right content can generate leads for your business on social media? Shocking!

When your content delights and inspires followers, they are more likely to click on your call to action (CTA) button in your content. 

When your content is structured well and is relevant to what your consumer wants, you can insert as many CTAs as possible because at some point you will persuade your followers that what you are telling them is the bomb dot com and boom, they click the read more button and end up on your landing page. Easy, I know!

4. Content generates ROI

Money, money, money — at some stage, every marketer worries if their marketing efforts reflect the return on investment of their brand. According to Asset Digital Communications, "content marketing generates more than three times as many leads as traditional advertising methods — and costs 62% less". 

So, when you provide your consumer with detailed content on your services and have a constant flow of communication on all your platforms, this will create more website traffic for your brand. 

And when you generate website traffic, you have the opportunity to have a conversation with your consumers through the content you give them on your website.

Invest in content marketing to get more consumers for less money! Ching-ching!

5. Good content builds brand authority

Brand trust is the key to hooking your consumer! The more you know, the more consumers will rely on your content. When your brand generates quality infographics, blogs or white papers, it shows that your brand is knowledgeable in the industry and that you can be trusted with the specific service offering.

When you produce regular content educating consumers, they not only consume it more often but will also share it with others. This will then increase market presence and create a sense of authority with your followers because of the quality content you deliver. 

So yes, content really is king!

Do you create constant and relevant content to increase your brand presence? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section.

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