Ibaraki is the first VIP keynote speaker to be confirmed for the AI Expo Africa 2021 Online. In his keynote address, titled, '5th Machine Age Driving Digital Reshaping,' he intends to explore 'Society 5.0' and 'Smart Humanity'.

Ibaraki is a 16-time recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award, most recently in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) category, and is also the chairperson and managing general partner of REDDS Capital.

In addition to receiving more than 300 awards and recognitions, as well as over 300 global engagements impacting over USD$100-trillion in sustainable investments, Ibaraki is also a contributor for IT World Canada and Forbes on issues around AI.

Ibaraki's keynote abstract states, "In popular stories about Chaos Theory, the wingbeats of a butterfly in Geneva are connected to the violent storms in your hometown in Africa. Global ecosystems, all interconnected thus force multiplied and amplified, are at a historical inflexion point."

"These are founded on technology acceleration, with more disruption in five years, than the last 10 000 years. This Digital Reshaping will forever change governments, industry, academia, education, investments, startups, media, society, culture, our lives and our children's future," the abstract adds.

"What will the world look like, advanced by Smart Humanity, Society 5.0, 5th Machine Age, AI and innovation trends addressing global challenges and opportunities? What are the exponential change-making innovations you must track, implement and resources you must use to ensure success and not failure during these chaotic next five years?" it says.

Dr Nick Bradshaw, founder of AI Expo Africa and CEO of AI Media Group, concludes, "It's a real honour to welcome Stephen as one of our VIP keynote speakers. We have been working with the ITU, Geneva since 2019 around partnering with the global AI4Good movement and the Africa region and this is another great commitment towards growing collaborations around AI4Good in our region."

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